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  • STICKS AND STONES AW20 Collection - Showing Dates: 5th of AUGUST to 25th of SEPTEMBER 2019 -

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The 70s in Amsterdam.


Sticks and Stones started in the late seventies as a young and vintage leather brand in Amsterdam, showcasing its designs on the famous 'Waterlooplein' market in the city center of Amsterdam.

In those days the Waterlooplein was the fashion center of Amsterdam and beyond, where you could find many young designers and fashion innovations right there. Even well-known international designers came there to get inspired.


First leather brand to make colorful collections.


It was well into the 80s and 90s that leather jackets and bags were black and brown only, which inspired Sticks and Stones to become the first leather brand to make colorful leather collections.

From there Sticks and Stones developed as a brand, moved to the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam, and became an international leather fashion brand. 


Sticks and Stones. 


Sticks and Stones is famous for its colorful collections and has become an integral part of the fashion scene in The Netherlands and throughout Europe.

Sticks and Stones still is a family-owned company, run together by father and daughter.

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