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  • TOTEM AW20 Collection - Showing Dates: 15th of AUGUST to 13th of SEPTEMBER 2019 -


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Totem was conceived in 1993, when Fred d ́Orey - surfer and journalist - grasped that the traditional black trunks worn to the beach didn't fit the moment, nor did it blend in with the fascinating surroundings. D ́Orey had stumbled upon a new market niche.


Totem was created out of his fresh borne desire to color the world and its first store was opened the very next year, in fashionable Ipanema beach, Rio de Janeiro. From Rio de Janeiro, come the unique Carioca people. Totem is the best at portraying the "Carioca" life style: light, upbeat, spirited and laidback. Pioneer in the resort style, Totem inno- vated with its marvelous mix of colors and patterns, and has taken the sleek beach attitude to the most sophisticated places in Brazil and abroad.


Today, over 1000 patterns later and with a solid two-point structure in Brasil and Bali, Totem is one of the most important Brazilian brands in the fashion segment. It has gained visibility among the hottest international markets: England, Spain, Portugal, Greece USA, Australia, and others. Whereas, in Brazil, it currently has over 100 multi-brand boutique clients, plus nine stores of our own and two franchises. Yet throughout its journey, Totem has added much more than colors and fashion to people's lives.



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