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  • Okkia Eyewear


OKKIA was born in 2016 thanks to a project made up by an outstanding representative agency and a retail company leader in the “gift & design” business.


Our aim is to create an affordable beautiful (style at the right price).


OKKIA glasses inspired by places, travels, people and their desires are designed to be comfortable and suit any face shape because of soft touch materials.


OKKIA re-interprets through new technical solutions as well as trendy colour styles some glasses born in the past and worn by creative characters and free soul.


Our passion and relentless pursuit of creating pretty things have led us to OKKIA a brand that stands out for its clear beautiful style at an affordable price


Our elegant reading and sunglasses collection meets the desires of the consumer. Recycle materials as well as the use of protective screen lenses increase the perceived product quality. Currently, our collection includes 4 types of reading glasses, 2 protective screen and 11 sun. By colour, our collection is composed of 24 reading items, 48 sun and 4 protective screen. Sun lenses are all cat 3 namely 100% uv resistant.


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