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4funkylavours started from our persuasion that fashion should be more fun, more original, and more colorful. Our designs are distinctive in a positive way and stand out because of a recognizable design without being predictable. Our brand is known for a creative use of many bright colors in unusual patterns. We love to mix prints that create a bold blend with surprising combinations.

We get our inspiration from everything around us. Beautiful impressive buildings with tile patterns, or just little things right in front of you. Just look around, there are patterns everywhere

Before 4funkyflavours, we all worked in the music business. Michael and Jurgen as DJ’s. Astrid and Jurgen started Rare Records and for more than 10 years it was one of the top dance vinyl stores around. Hanneke started as a graphic designer. From this base we have set up several other initiatives, including an artist booking agency.

We have tried to approach fashion just as open-minded as we were active in music. Not sticking to styles or preferences, but constantly trying to surprise and achieve the best result through different combinations. Just like building a DJ set, we also try to inspire our audience with all available ingredients. No rules, no limits, no boundaries, but our imagination.

We started as a baby/kids brand releasing our first collection in January 2010 (Spring Summer 2010). Next season already extended the range in Kids up to 12 years. In January 2014 we presented our first Women’s collection and one year later we extended with Men’s.

4funkyflavours is based in the south of the Netherlands

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